Kelsey- She is a very energetic, boyish, and tough girl. She is requested to be on Adventure Time, but Pen never replied for acception completely to NAME on Facebook. Formally "Kelsey" is a fan-made character originated to appear in looks as the creator of her. She is very popular among the group of kids at CITY, in a group called "Bffflfinity Time" changed to "Bfflinfinity Time". The title was created by the illustrator's friend or "bfflinfinty". NAME created the characters of Bfflinfinity Time. She has locks of dirty-blonde hair coming out of her bunny hood hat, buck teeth, along as a ponytail in the back. She has black heels, a blue mini skirt, and a light green purse with a dark green pocket on it. When inlarged, her eyes are blue. She has a fire-lit sword, which she carries around everywhere. She has many friends but most importantly Taylor the cat, Jessica the butterfly, and Christian the cheesepuff. She is usually fighting "The Fire Queen" possibly shown in Adventure Time, anyday soon. She lives at the Fire Kingdom mentioned in Adventure Time by Marceline in "Evicted". The Fire Kingdom is a field of volcanos. Kelsey doesn't know any other human, but as stated by NAME, she likes Finn. Everytime the Fire Queen wants a dude, Kelsey gets all like "WHAT!?" about it. Prince Sanderson, the prince of the Sandy Kingdom, claims Kelsey is his "girlfriend" but he keeps it a secret. Sanderson's nickname for Kelsey is Kitty. Kelsey might not look strong but you gotta believe it. Apparently, most people think shes a rabbit due to her hood. Kelsey has many dresses illustrated by the illustrator, but the most popular one is the black, red-swirled, short dress.